Frequently Asked Questions

If you are an online store, where is the food coming from? 

Our food is prepared fresh right here in the kitchens at The Matakana Country Park by an experienced team of local chefs using the finest quality ingredients. We know Matakana and we know this area has no delivery service, so we've decided to share our great food with you in a more convenient way! Made by locals, for locals! 

What areas do you deliver to? 

Currently: Omaha, Point Wells, Matakana & Whangateau. 

Can I pick up my food to avoid the delivery fee?

At this time we are allowing contactless pick ups yes! Just choose the pick up option at the check out page. Pick ups are from 1151 Leigh Rd, front entrance of Smiths Restaurant.

I can't proceed to check out?

To activate check out and delivery your order has to be $30 or more. Happy shopping! 

It says there are no delivery times available?

We have an order limit for each delivery time slot so we can make sure your food is delivered as fast and fresh as possible. If there are no delivery times available, we must be busy busy delivering to other hungry people! Tip: Order in advance to secure your delivery time. :-)

Can I order from multiple kitchens?

YES you can! Your full order will be delivered all together for one delivery fee :) There are different delivery fees for certain areas depending on distance.

I added my address and it said it couldn't deliver to me :-(  

Even though you are within the post code we deliver to, your address must be a bit further out. Sorry we can't deliver too far from the centre of your town...yet!

Email us your address to and we can give you an idea when we can reach your area.

What if I have dietary requirements?

We can't make any adjustments to what is offered on the site, but most of our delicious options cater for all diets.

Can I change my order after I've paid?

It is not possible to make last minute changes or additions to orders once you have checked out. If you wish to add something you will need to place another order through the website (remember though the min $30 charge still applies). Once you check out the order is solid. We may not get back to emails immediately either so please don't rely on this as an immediate way to contact us. 

Do you have a phone number?

Not at this time! It's not personal, sorry. We are an online service and we just don't have the man power to answer phones while we're trying to prepare all the orders & deliveries!

How do we contact you then?

When we're not under the pump during the busiest times you can email us on and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible. :) If we are experiencing delays with your order we will contact you to let you know.


Technical Help! Quick Fixes for Technical Glitches!

Our site will work best if you are using an up to date browser. Make sure you are using the latest version of Google Chrome or Safari. 

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Thanks everyone!