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Restauranteur's Woody and Kim knew there was a way to make better use of their huge kitchens at The Matakana Country Park.

The concept for Great Food is known in the hospitality industry as a “Ghost Kitchen’ or a ‘Virtual Kitchen’.

Great Food - Matakana has 8 different brands in a shared kitchen environment that operates solely for delivery. Locally-sourced, free range and sustainable ingredients, cooked by local chefs and delivered straight to your door!

Don’t assume this is easily achieved though! Woody and Kim have put over a year of work into planning this and it requires a lot of creative energy. They also follow strict food safety rules and regulations with solid production know-how with a team of competent chefs in order to pull this off.

Unlike the two restaurants on site, you won’t see any of the Great Food customers queuing for a table. Orders are made online from any of the 5 kitchens available delivering to Omaha, Matakana, Point Wells and Whangateau. The delivery area will grow and Great Food promises to be be at your door very soon!

’Ghost Kitchens’ in Auckland City rely on a private service to deliver their food. The strong point of difference with Great Food is that they are also the delivery service. This gives complete control of the preparation of the food, when it is delivered and how it is transported giving our customers the complete reassurance of the freshness and quality of their food.

Great Food promises to surprise you with new food and ideas in the near future, offering all sorts of delicious food and beverage delivered to your door!

Look out for the Great Food Mini's around the neighbourhood!


For general enquiries please email us on hello@greatfood.co.nz
We will come back to you as soon as we can during our operating hours.
(Please note, we can't change orders once they have been purchased)  

You may have noticed we don't have a phone number listed and it's not personal. We are a dedicated online store so we are unable to provide a direct phone support line as our staff are busy getting your orders ready for you!

Thanks from Woody and Kim and the team at Great FOOD.